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J-RO EZ Rest

The J-RO EZ Rest is used to keep clients comfortably lying on their side at a 90 degree angle, eliminating the need to physically support the client while providing care.

  • Reduces the risk of caregiver injury

  • Comfortable for clients to use

  • Unique design prevents
    sliding on regular and bed repositioning sheets 

Price: $185.00 CAD

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J-RO EZ Rest Details

Weight: 5.5 kg

Dimensions: 50.8 × 38.1 × 30.48 in


  • Polyurethane foam

  • Water-resistant cover

  • Anti-slip bottom and side


Interested in key benefits of the J-RO EZ Rest? View our QuickFacts


Have your J-RO EZ Rest? Refer to the following for more details:
– Tips and Tricks
– Instructions for Use
– Care & Warranty
– Approved Cleaning Products

J-RO EZ Rest Highlights

Client Benefits

  • Maintains 90 degree side-lying position

  • Comfortable surface to lie on while receiving care

  • Less upsetting for clients who find it difficult to receive care

Caregiver Benefits

  • Creates optimal access to perform care

  • Ideal for clients who are unable to support themselves on their side

  • Increased safety when working with aggressive clients

  • Reduces the strain and effort required to reposition clients on their side, therefore decreasing strain on caregiver’s wrist, shoulders, back and related muscles

  • Reduces the frequency of repositioning required to provide care

  • Simple to use

  • Easily accessible and transportable

  • Easy to clean

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