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"How can I be a good support to my aging loved one during these unsure times with Covid-19?"

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Hello, and welcome to our Port City Caregivers’ Community Hub, a spot where we’ll answer questions that caregivers, and others who are supporting aging loved ones, need answers to!

I’m Lorna Devoe, a member of the Port City Home Services team, and I have years of experience in supporting folks to live well in our community. I know it can be so confusing to navigate all of the ins and outs of supporting someone you love who is aging.

Especially now, it’s difficult to ask questions because we don’t have as much opportunity to meet and connect face-to-face. So I am so thrilled to share what we’ve learned with you, through our web page! Through this blog we will offer knowledge, opinions and thoughts based on my experiences over these 25 years – I’m not a doctor, but you can think of me as a friendly neighbour who knows a thing or two that might be helpful!

Living well means something different to each of us, and here at Port City Home Services, we are committed to helping you find solutions to the unique problems you’re facing! Whether that’s through our services, like Foot Care, In-Home Support, or Ride Service… or through information here on the blog!

Check out our blog often, because we’ll be answering new questions from caregivers as often as we can!

Now on to today’s question…

"How can I be a good support to my aging loved one during these unsure times with Covid-19?"

This is definitely a challenging time. Services and supports that were once available may not be accessible, and folks have less opportunity for safe community activity and social interaction. But there are certainly things you can do to be a good support to your aging loved one during this unsure time.

Tip 1: Keeping our aging loved ones mobile is so important, even now. Encourage movement by taking walks around their home or outside, if possible. If they have any range-of-motion exercises from their health care professional, walk them through those, making it a fun activity! This is a great way to spend time together! Tip 2: It is just as important to keep an active mind! Taking a walk down memory lane is a very fun exercise for both you and your loved ones. Look at old photos, check out old family homes on Google Streetview, or talk about favorite memories. This may also be a good time to revisit hobbies that were once enjoyable for them. Choose one that you can do together, and look for ways to modify the activity for their current abilities. It may even be a fun time to have them teach you a skill they can no longer physically do as easily. This may also be fun time to introduce your aging loved one to the use of technology for online connection through Face Time, Facebook, Zoom, etc. This is a great way to keep in touch with loved ones and friends from afar.

Tip 3: Encourage or support your loved one to keep in mind a well-balanced diet at this time, including protein! Adequate fluid intake is also essential. Tip 4: Folks often hesitate to reach out for help, but if your loved one requires more help then you are able to provide right now, there's no shame in reaching out to senior care services, like Port City Home Services. I would be happy to help pair you up with a compatible member of our team to help your loved one live well - a little help with meals, housekeeping, pet care, or personal care may be all that’s needed! Home care services can also provide companionship to your loved one to help with isolation at this time. If that sounds helpful, we can't wait to hear from you! Stay safe everyone, from Lorna & everyone here at Port City Home Services Are you a caregiver struggling to navigate how to support your aging loved one? Submit your questions today and get real answers here! Check back often to find out what others have asked!


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