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"How can I infuse some fun into the summer for myself and my aging loved one?"

Do you ever wonder what new and exciting summer activities are waiting just around the corner for you? Are you having difficulty coming up with different ideas to make the best months of the year more enjoyable for you and your aging loved one? Are you finding it too warm for you and your loved one to do outdoor activities together? Well you’ve come to the right place; our Caregivers' Community Hub blog! I have compiled a list of some quirky and interesting things that you can do to keep engaged, keep healthy and share some laughs!

Indoor Activities:

- If you are looking for ways to stay active inside, why not try chair exercises! It can help with muscle strength and helps to improve balance. All you require – a chair!!

- Why not try a new board game or better yet, master that board game you never could! Yahtzee, dominos, scrabble, monopoly to name a few!

- Start an indoor garden. It’s incredibly cathartic and a fun activity to do together and watch grow.

- Create your family tree with some research about your genealogy. You might be surprised by what you find!

- Take in a good movie! Whether it's sunny out or rainy, watching a new film, or a classic, can be incredibly rewarding and meaningful.

Outdoor Activities:

- A picnic at the local park. Find a big tree and sit in the shade, enjoying your favorite sandwiches, cheeses and crackers!

- Now that things are opening up in our community, why not go to one of our many museums in the city! The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, The Discovery Centre, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and The Museum of Natural History may be calling your name!

- If mobility allows, why not try a nature walk? There are lots of great spots in the HRM to take in the sites, enjoy the sound of the water and birds, and get reacquainted with your surroundings.

- If the situation fits, a boat ride is always relaxing! Picture the sun on your face with a light summer breeze as you glide across the water!

- And lastly, everyone’s favorite – try a strawberry shortcake social!

Whatever you choose to do, all of us at Port City Home Services hope you have a wonderful summer filled with ice cream, sun, lots of laughter, and love.

- Zoé

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