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     Don’t let sore feet hold you back!


Living well means something different to each of us, but for most it includes staying active as long as possible!

Our qualified foot care nurses will help you maintain your foot health so you can keep doing the things you love!

Serving you in your own home or in our clinic at 133 Baker Drive, our Foot Care service is reliable, flexible and ready to help you get moving!

“You enjoy everything so much more when you're

healthy. (The Foot Care Nurses) are professional,

and they are very nice!
I think they’re very special!"

– Mildred, Foot Care Client

Is our Foot Care service right for you or your loved one?

As we age, proper foot care helps with overall health;  mobility; and circulation. Our team has the advanced training, experience, and passion needed to help! They are vetted, insured, and trained in infection prevention practices!

Many insurance providers cover foot care—contact yours for details!

You can also feel good knowing that all Port City Home Services profits go directly back in to supporting services that benefit local seniors!

Get in touch today for an initial assessment! Together, we will determine what Foot Care services will suit your unique needs, including nail filing; nail trimming; sensitivity testing; or reducing corns and callouses!

We can’t wait to hear from you:

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